Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Finding A Rythym

We are quite enjoying our loose pattern of "working" in the morning and going out in the afternoon/evening. This morning, Jude pottered about doing her "handwork"; lacing cards and sticker books, and Grace read some more Peter and Jane, completed another page in the "Knights and Castles" sticker book, dictated a story about dragons to me and typed up a little of it.

This afternoon we went to visit Great-Nanny; it was the first time she has seen Isaac since his operation, so she was very pleased to have a visit.

This evening we went to a free performance of Alice Through the Looking Glass at the Pier Approach Stage, which Grace enjoyed even though the sound levels weren't quite right, so it was very difficult to hear. Jude tried to get comfortable enough on the brick floor to fall asleep!

We noticed this afternoon that Isaac's stomach had become distended. As we are not allowed to give him a washout for two weeks post-operatively, we rang the hospital and waited a couple of anxious hours for the surgical registrar (who was in theatre) to call back. We were fully expecting to have to take him in tonight, but on hearing his symptoms (or lack of them, except distention) they are happy to wait to see him until tomorrow.

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