Thursday, 31 July 2014

Royal Victoria Country Park

We had a fabulous day out today, with Emma, Kendra and Neddie. We went to the opening of a new playpark at the Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley. Isaac is still a little distended, but he isn't getting any worse, so we decided to have a day away from it all, and we certainly achieved that!

Isaac with Emma, his Advocate
The park was hugely busy, but great fun, and there were lots of extra activities for the children to celebrate the opening. Sadly, we missed the willow weaving and the T-shirt painting, and the queue was too long for the face painting, but Grace loved the "graffiti wall" and the mobile making, and Jude had an amazing time at the African Drumming station.

African Drumming

Graffeti Wall
The playpark had been designed to be accessible to wheelchair users and very small children, so the zip-wire, which is usually a hair-raising experience with Jude, turned out to be enormous fun, and Grace grappled with the climbing wall,

As we headed back to the car park, we were somewhat distracted by the giant games and the colouring table; as I set Grace up with some colouring, I had no idea that Jude was quietly matching up dominos behind me!

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