Tuesday, 26 August 2014

August Bank Holiday

On Saturday, we went to the wedding of one of Luke's oldest friends. It was everything a wedding should be; full of love, fun and happiness.

We had arranged to go Purbeck Folk Festival on Sunday, and were somewhat concerned about how the kids would cope with a long day out with lots of people and loud music, but actually, they were completely happy most of the day, and it was a wonderful day out. Grace bought a hat, and worked out for herself how much she needed to pay, how much she needed to borrow from us, and how much we would chip in (it was a major purchase!). We listened to some great music, a bit of slam poetry, and an amazing storyteller, and generally chilled out.

Chilling out with a band

Grace's new hat

Captivating storytelling
In the evening we sat around the fire and ate roasted Camembert and baked bananas.

Yesterday it rained heavily. We went to the Walford Mill family craft day, which is usually free and mostly outdoors, but obviously the rain had sent all the activities indoors. More disappointingly, There was a £1 charge on every single activity. The girls both chose to make a clay owl, but we couldn't afford to do more activities.

This morning we went to Hamworthy Library, which was absolutely packed by about 30 mins after opening. Jude did some puzzles, Grace read almost a whole Wibbly Pig book, and I read hundreds of books to them!

In the afternoon we collected Luke and did the last Living History Day at Scaplen's Court. We looked at the beautiful Victorian range, made date jam and afternoon tea, sampled scones and Victoria Sponge and did some rug making.

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