Monday, 18 August 2014

Catching Up

We have had a very busy few days, and Isaac hasn't been sleeping so well in the evenings recently, so I have much to blog about today!

On Thursday, we went to a Papercraft event at a local cafe. Grace took great delight in making a card for Luke covered in loose glitter (which he hates to the extent that whenever we do crafts with glitter we have to seal them within contact paper before displaying them!), and both girls enjoyed cutting, sticking and generally making a mess!

Grace's glittery creation
Afterwards we went to Hengistbury Head to learn about dragon and damsel flies. We were able to make a couple, but it was too wet and windy to actually see any, as dragonflies like warm, still conditions. We did, however, learn that it takes 7 years for a dragonfly nymph to become a dragonfly, so it spends the vast majority of its life in a pond, and that the nymphs are significant predators, even eating baby newts!

Jude's dragonfly (she did the wings herself,
 but needed help with the body) on the left and
Grace's (solo effort) on the right.
I opened the bedroom curtains after breakfast on Friday, to find this message below, written completely unassisted.....

"I love you, my mum"
On Saturday we went into Bournemouth to see the National Youth Jazz Orchestra perform. The girls seemed to enjoy it more than the Mini BSO, but that may have been because they were allowed to have crisps! Isaac slept through the entire thing.

On Sunday we went to the Fairy Festival in Burley. We did enjoy it, but it felt like we were paying to go and look at a lot of stalls! The activities were not as lengthy or as entertaining as we had been led to believe, although the girls both adored the ride-on ponies and Grace was particularly taken with the Hula-Hooper.

Fairy Festival

Hula Hooper


Pony Riding!
Today we went fossil hunting at Highcliffe beach with the Home Ed group. We found some amazing fossils; the clay formation at Highcliffe is around 40 million years old! The children also did some clay art and worked with the teenagers to make some clay pots. We were even able to identify some of the fossils, thanks to the Discovering Fossils website. I was very excited to find a coin dated 1887, until I turned it over and found our Queen's head on it! A quick wash in the sea revealed it to be a £2 coin commemorating the abolition of slavery!

Our finds - gastropods, worm tubes
bivalves....and a £2 coin!

Clay pots drying

Making clay art
Jude and I walked to the Post Office this afternoon, and put our new dragonfly knowledge to the test by identifying a huge dragonfly which settled on a bramble hedge we were walking past. I didn't have my camera with me, but it was a Southern Hawker, just like this one:

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