Sunday, 31 August 2014

Chocolate Rocks

On Friday we had a science session with Al at Rossmore, learning about rocks. First of all the kids made keys to identify different rocks, and tested them out on people who had not bee part of their group.

Then they each had a plum and identified the different parts, and Al explained that the earth was similar to the plum with its three distinct parts.

They took stones and turned them into sand by the process of erosion (also known as "shaking"!) and then wondered if it was possible to turn sand into stone.

It turns out, it is possible - especially if your sand is, in fact, chocolate! The children pressed layers of grated chocolate together and created..... chocolate sedimentary rock!

They then melted the "rock" further and applied more pressure to create metamorphic rock, and completed the process by fully melting the chocolate to represent magma, which was then cooled to represent igneous rock.

On Saturday we went to the Green Community Fair in Poole, where Grace made a mask and a butterfly,both children took part in a parade and Jude slid down a very steep slide! It was a very chilled out, festival vibe - a very pleasent way to spend a Saturday (even if the enormous bouncy castle was a bit incongruous!).

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