Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Civil War Living History

We went with some friends to the second of the Scaplan's Court Living History days yesterday. We discovered some "cures" for plague and other illnesses (no-one much fancied the cure for flu - orange peel up the nose!), and did a great deal of messy cooking with Gary the "Barber-Surgeon". The children helped make hot chocolate, coffee, "ammunition bread" and soldier's biscuits. We discovered that "hot" chocolate was actually a cold concoction vaguely resembling a salty chocolate mousse, coffee was served black and bitter, and complete with beans, and that "ammunition" bread was either eaten or fired from cannons! 

17th Century medicine

Roasting coffee beans

Kneading biscuit dough

"Beating to death" the eggs!

All hands making bread....

Nine pins
This morning, Grace and Jude went across to Nannie's, so Isaac and I dealt with numerous poos (yay!) and actually managed to tidy the house and hang out some washing! Before they left, Jude played with the cars in the garden. She narrates her play far more that Grace ever did at the same age; I'm guessing that's the influence of an older sister.

Enjoying the sunshine!
 Both girls asked to do a bit of their workbooks when they got back. Grace didn't really settle to hers, but Jude is so proud to be old enough to have one, and is really enjoying her number sticker book.

Very blurry "Five" page of
Jude's workbook
 This evening, Grace went swimming with Auntie Nicki. Tomorrow we are planning to go to a papercraft workshop in the morning and a dragonfly hunt in the afternoon!

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