Monday, 4 August 2014

Long Weekend

On Friday we had visitors for our Shabbat meal. It was lovely; hectic, manic, friendly and fun - everything Shabbat should be. In the morning we baked some Challah, which we haven't done since Isaac was born, and we had a chilled out day doing workbooks and reading. Grace is really enjoying filling in her "timesheet" and making sure we complete everything on the list!

Grace's "timesheet"

Shabbat Dinner
On Saturday we had a quiet morning in, doing crafts and playing with the cardboard car my sister bought the kids for Christmas.

We spent a gorgeous afternoon at the Thai Fair, soaking up the atmosphere, eating wonderful Thai food and generally having fun.

On Sunday, the girls decided that the car was dirty, and desperately needed a wash, so I sent them out with buckets and cloths!

Today we attended a friend's birthday party; organised water-shooting games and a lovely picnic in the grounds of Upton House Country Park. Grace got soaked, took go-cart rides and played wide games with the big kids.

Jude chilled out, had lots of cuddles and pottered about examining the ground.

Isaac enjoyed lots of adoring friends!

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