Sunday, 10 August 2014

Model Baby

Yesterday we went to Upton House for a craft fair, which was lovely, but very small, leaving us lots of time to just chill out in the grounds. We settled down near the play equipment and spotted someone using a woven wrap as a hammock, so wandered over to say hello. It turned out to be a friend doing a photo shoot for her new babywearing business, and the baby she was using as a model had got tired and fed up, so we offered Isaac as a substitute! We had a lovely afternoon playing with slings, mirrors and trees.

Hanging around...


When we got home, Jude realised that she is finally big enough to reach the floor on her balance bike! She has been really enjoying riding it around the garden - maybe next week we will get out and about on it.

We went over to my dad's for lunch today, and sorted through a whole load of old school reports and exercise books. My infant school books weren't dated, but my sister's were, and it was interesting and gratifying to realise that Grace's written work is at pretty much the same level as my sister's at the same age. We did notice, however, how negative the comments on the books were; there were lots of sad faces, and comments like "you didn't work fast/hard enough" and "you can do better than this". One of my primary school reports acknowledged that although I was capable, I did seem to have a "heightened fear of failure". I'm really glad that Grace is achieving similar results to us at the same age, but with confidence and a belief that mistakes are just part of the learning process. 

When we got home, Luke change the tyre, which had a slow puncture, to the great interest of Grace!

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