Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer Holiday fun

I've noticed that a lot of home edders don't really like the school holidays much, and tend to hibernate a bit and reappear in September! That's not the case for us; we love the school holidays because there is so much put on for kids in this area. On Tuesday we went to Scaplen's Court for the first of their Living History Day. Grace and Jude dressed up as Tudors, drew pictures with quills, swaddled a baby, made popinjays, used a drop spindle, engaged in some Tudor dance and made pomanders! Jude was particularly taken with the pomanders, and has been carrying hers about the house sniffing it regularly. She even took it to bed last night!

Dressing as urchins

Making pomanders

Tudor Dance
After lunch we went to Poole Museum, where they have an interactive 1950s kitchen which the children love. There were lots of other children there to play with too, so they were very happy. The museum shop also had an i-spy book on knights and castles, so we bought that as we have an ongoing medieval history project, and intend to go to Corfe Castle at some point over the holidays.

Yesterday we took Nanie to Upton House Country Park for their Pirate Activity Day. It was very cleverly done, with the different organisations tailoring their usual activities to a pirate theme. At the WWF stand the children had to correctly colour in and identify facts about specific birds and then were able to  dip into the treasure chest and take home bird food "treasure". They walked the slack rope, dug for hidden turtles and listened to a jazz band playing sea shanties. By the time we got to the RSPB stand, where they were making peg parrots to sit on shoulders, they had run out of parrot outlines, so Jude happily made do with some puffins on her shoulder, and Grace sweet-talked one of the volunteers into drawing her a parrot!

Collecting treasure

Jude with her shoulder puffins!

Grace and the volunteer who drew
her shoulder parrot.
In the Romano-British Farm, they were making clay sea creatures, so Jude,  Isaac, Nannie and I sat in the shade and had a cool drink while Grace got busy making an enormous octopus!

Today we went to see the Mini Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at the Pier Approach Stage. They were very good and wonderfully engaging, but the children were hot, tired and fed up, and the experience was actually pretty depressing. Luke did manage to get them to dance and smile a little, but on the whole, we think it probably would have been better on a cooler day.

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