Thursday, 21 August 2014

Romans and Suffragettes!

This morning we had a very panicky moment, when Becky said that Isaac was vomiting up "green stuff", but it turned out to be his usual possetting, which is a little mucussy because he has a cold. It felt very scary though, to realise just how quickly all our plans can be thrown into turmoil if he does get sick. 

Luke headed off today to the Purbeck Folk Festival, in our lovely big car with a mattress in the back! This set up is in the hope that it will be better for his arthritic knee than a tent would be!

We are borrowing Becky's car for the next few days, and this morning we had lunch with some friends in Westbourne and then went to Rockbourne Roman Villa for their activity day as part of this year's festival of storytelling, Sting in the Tale. We had our teddies ready for dressing in togas, and were really looking forward to it, but ended up in a diversion which nearly took us to Warminster, and then following a tractor for 20 miles. As a result, we were about 45 minutes late for a two hour event, so we were cramming the activities into a very short space of time. Nevertheless, Jude loved dressing her teddy up in a toga and laurel wreath, Grace enjoyed the stuffed dates (made to a very similar recipe to this one) and trying to put together the pieces of broken pottery like an archeologist, and they both liked the storyteller under the tree.
Roman foodstuffs

A bronze Roman urn
 and treasure trove

Bear in Toga

Piecing together the pottery

Roman dates

Building a villa in costume

Further to yesterday's blog post about the Suffragettes, I have been corrected! Although Nancy Astor was the first woman to take her seat in Parliament, she was not the first to win a seat. That was Constance Markievicz, who won a Dublin seat for Sinn Fein in 1918; the same year that women got the vote, but failed to take her seat in protest of the British "occupation of Ireland". This is why I love blogging!

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