Monday, 11 August 2014

Work Books, Flying Club and Yet More Hospital

We had a chilled out morning today, but Jude was very excited to start on her new Number sticker book. Grace finds it quite hard when I give Jude one-to-one time, but she is slowly getting used to it, and did eventually get on with her own thing this morning.

We read a story together about someone with a broken leg, and role played ringing the Emergency Services with Grace. She seems very confident about what to do, but hopefully she will never have to!

This afternoon Becky came over to take the girls to her Flying Club while we took Isaac back to the Hospital for his Consultant appointment. They got to see planes taking off and landing, and Grace was very interested that when they take off, they go so fast that they look like they are slowing down.

Isaac had a successful appointment. Our consultant was an hour and a half late as he was travelling back from Chichester, and the weather was atrocious, but Isaac happily slept in the sling while we were waiting. He was easily calmed after his examination, and the surgeon is happy with his progress. We need to keep an eye on his distention and give him a washout if he gets distended or constipated, but overall everyone is very happy. We did find it amusing that our consultant, Steve the Registrar and Karen, our surgical nurse all studied our nappy cream, bemused, as none of them could find the "active ingredient" in it. It is a cloth nappy safe, "green" cream, and has no traditional medications in it, but it has prevented Isaac having any of the dreaded Hirschsprung's nappy rash whatsoever; something that clearly astounded our medical team!

Today we also launched our JustGiving campaign to raise enough money for a breast pump for our ward. It’s a surgical ward, so babies are fasted for 4 hours before surgery, and then are often not well enough to nurse afterwards for a while. The ward has no pumps and mums have to use a pump on a ward 2 floors down, leaving their very sick babies. We need to raise £2100 to buy a hospital grade pump and enough pumping kits (the bits which mums use and are then disposed of once they leave hospital) to make the pump an accepted part of the ward, and with this crowdfunding platform I need to raise the full amount in 30 days! 

This is the link to our campaign. If you are able to give, please do; it is really important for babies like Isaac to be able to continue breastfeeding. If you can't give (or even if you can), please share the campaign far and wide; anywhere you can think of, so that we can raise enough to make a hospital stay much less stressful on parents on our ward. Thank you.

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