Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Princess Grace and The Dragon

Grace has submitted this story to the BBC Radio 2 "500 Words" competition.

Once upon a time there was a dragon called Lily and she lived in a land that had loads of parks and children. Princess Grace was out in her garden, lying on the grass and she saw in the sky a very funny shaped cloud. She was wondering what it could be, when down came Lily The Dragon.  Lily flattened the grass where she landed and her wings flapping broke some of the flowers. "I'm so sorry" said Lily, "I'm so clumsy, I'm always breaking things." Princess Grace said: "It doesn't matter, but just in case, I will go and tell the King and Queen."
Princess Grace went into the castle and told the King and Queen all about Lily, but they didn't believe her! The King said "There's no such thing as dragons, Grace!" and the Queen said "but I do like your stories". 
Princess Grace went back to Lily and said "The King and Queen think you don't exist, so we had better clear up the garden, or they will think I made the mess!" Lily replied: "Yes, that would be a good idea. Let's go to my cave and get some dragon flower seeds to plant in your garden. My cave is very dark so if you have got any, maybe get a torch". Princess Grace ran inside and found a torch. 
"I have got one in my pocket" she shouted and climbed on Lily's back. Lily took off carefully. "Oh wow, look down there!" said Princess Grace. She could see the very top of her beautiful castle and all the parks and children below. "We are nearly there" said Lily, as they arrived at a dark cave. "I need to blow some smoke and fire to open the cave". Princess Grace lit her torch and they found the dragon flower seeds. 
Princess Grace held on tightly to the huge bag of seeds as they flew off back to the castle. Together, they planted some of the seeds in Princess Grace's garden. "Oh dear" said Princess Grace, "there's too many for me to plant. Maybe we should plant some in the parks."
Princess Grace scattered the seeds into the parks from Lily's back as they flew over them. 
In just five minutes, the seeds had grown into beautiful dragon flowers, and inside each one of them, there was a tiny baby dragon. The children in the parks loved them and took them into their houses and showed their mums and dads. Now everyone believes in dragons because everyone has a pet dragon! 
The End.